Paradise Found Introduces Solar Arts Communication!

Be like the sun! Shine like the sun. Illuminate your dark corners, occasionally create shade-providing shadows. Appear still and steady and let earthly happenings revolve around you, if only for a moment. Invite Life to sprout! Nourish living beings. Hold a system together with your gravitational force. Spin around, at your innate rhythm, while orbiting the magnificence of the entire galaxy!

Return every day to cross the sky after resting all night.


Solar Arts Communication offers an entire Communication Toolkit!

We offer many tools to take us from conflict resolution to conflict prevention. Tools to encourage us to change the ways we listen, speak and show up for each other. Tools to promote connection and offer a better chance for understanding.

Solar Arts, Solar Plexus. Find this part of your body: the source of our human power. Home of the fire that digests our food. A space that expands with our breath (bringing air to fuel that fire!). The space where our anger resides and rises.


Solar Arts Communication is Breath-Filled Communication.

How do you communicate? Who are you communicating with? Do you ACT or REACT? Is your communication authentic or a performance? Can you describe the pace of your communication styles?


How committed to communicating clearly are you willing to be? What if it takes a daily commitment of at least 1000 days? Would you be willing to start with 40 days? 90 days? 120 days?


Here’s an invitation to simply start: Commit to yourself, to your family and loved ones, friends, community, to our whole human family. Commit to taking up your share of the communication burden, doing your inner work and getting support through counselors (betterhelp.com), group courses, individual coaching, whatever it takes. If you come from a background of trauma rooted in miscommunication, acknowledge you aren’t alone.


Here in Paradise Found, we keep a fire going. We invite you to hold your own feet to this fire – or start your own fire! (Or maybe if your communication styles are too heated, you might need to tend an ice box and cool off? What’s your communication barometer asking of you today?)

Paradise Found and Solar Arts Communication implement the Business of PLAY! We balance the challenging work of addressing the impacts of how we communicate with allowing ourselves to approach communication with childlike wonder and awe.

Let’s have some fun!


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