Harmonize Course Details



Hone Your Communication Skills




Experience deeper connection and understanding in your relationships. Develop the art of listening.

This course offers you tools to access your inner wisdom, so that you can use it to guide you through both internal and external conflicts. You'll be able to effectively engage with others who think and act differently than you do, while respecting their humanity and staying rooted in your own authenticity.

If you’re ready to discover a playful approach to living that gives you both the permission to rest and the energy to invest in healing yourself and our culture, please join us. Each week you will add another tool to your toolbelt that you can carry with you, fortifying your daily life.


Duration: 13-weeks

This course includes weekly on-line (Zoom) classes, dates and times determined based on next cohort. (Classes will be recorded, participants may watch later, if that works better for scheduling.)

Each class introduces communication-enhancing tools for relaxation, creativity and engagement. Because we communicate more clearly when we're relaxed, the tools include movement, meditation and chanting along with reflective writing and art. These tools can be practiced daily between weekly sessions, for a minimum of 3-11 minutes/day.

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